What is Lock Bumping?

Lock Bumping is one of the technique used to open locks using specially created keys, known as Bump keys. Lock Bumping is the easiest way to open most of the residential and office door locks (Chula Vista Locksmith).

History of Lock Bumping

During 1970s, locksmiths in Denmark developed lock bumping technique. However, the term bump-key was first used in a US patent filed in 1928 by H.R. Simpson. The use of a bump key was recognized as a security problem and not used until Klaus Noch, made this technique popular. Few years later in 2005, a white paper drafted by Barry Wels & Rop Gonggrijp of The Open Organization Of Lockpickers (TOOOL) popularised the method and applicability of the Bump Key and Lock Bumping technique.

What is Bump Key and How Does Lock Bumping Works?

A Bump key is specially designed key that resembles the most possible key design for it’s corresponding lock. Bump key works on the principle of Newton’s Cradle which in-hand works on the theory of Kinetic Energy Transfer.  A common lock has several pins (Pin Stack) arranged on top of each other which is categorised into two different set of lock pins, Key Pin and Driver Pin.

The the pin that touches the key is called the “key pin” and pin which attached to the lock spring is called the “driver pin”. “Driver pin” allows the the other lock pins to move. When a key is inserted inside the lock, it pushes the “key pin” and shifts other pins towards up.

When a Bump key is used, pressure is applied on the lowest pin and then the pressure transmits to the pin stacked on it. Like this, each of the pin transfers the pressure to the pin on it’s top. During the whole process, the first pin remains stationary and it’s top pin moves slightly creating a gap in between two adjacent pins. When a gap is created in between the lock pins, it can be freely turned and lock can be opened. The most popular tool used for ock bumping is a pick gun.

Pick Gun is the most popular tool used for lock bumping.

How Does Pick Gun or Snap Gun Works?

A snap gun ( popularly known as pick gun), is a lock picking tool used to forcibly open a pin tumbler lock or cylinder lock without using the original key. A metal rod is inserted into the lock and the snap gun inserts the metal rod against all the lock pins to free the pins and open the lock. A metal rod is inserted into the lock and snap gun immediately adjusts the rod against all the possible lock pins simultaneously. When snap gun adjusts the metal rod across the lock pins, lock cylinder is made free and turned using a torsion wrench.