Bank vault also known as strongroom is probably the most secure lock system in the world. bank vault also known as strongroom is a secure place where valuables are stored. The bank vault comprises high security standard lock system as it’s intended to protect contents stored inside it from theft or any unauthorized use or disasters. Vaults are made of armored walls and a heavy-metal tight door with mosts ecure and complex lock system.

Bank vaults made during early nineteenth and twentieth century were so complex that they are almost impossible to destroy even today. Vaults made during that period were typically made with steel-reinforced concrete and the vault walls were at least 1 ft (0.31 m) thick, and the vault door was  3.5 ft (1.1 m) thick. The total weight of the bank vault were around hundreds of tons.

Bank Vault Door Lock

Todays bank vault doors are secured with numerous heavy metal bolts and cylinders, extending from the door into the surrounding frame. The main vault lock is mounted on the inside or behind of the heavy-metal door and is very difficult to gain access by any means. There are several types of lock mechanisms used for bank vault such as, combination lock, dual control lock, time lock and many more.

Nowadays, high security key dual control combination lock are implied for bank vaults. These locks have two dials controlling two locking mechanisms for the door making it extra secure and are usually configured so that both locks must be aligned and opened at the same time for the main vault door to be unlocked. Thse lock requires two key combinations to open the door. Such bank vault are very secure and popular in use as no single person is given both combinations, making it most secure.

Other popular vault lock door used is a time lock door. Such door lock prevents the vault’s door from opening until a specified number of hours have passed and such locks are manufactured by only a few companies worldwide.

World’s Largest Bank Vault Door is Situated in Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland


The bank vault door used in Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland is the largest bank vault in the world and is 91 tons in weight. The  vault hinge has an overall height of 19 feet (5.8 m) and weighs over 47 short tons (43 t) fully assembled. The door casting itself is 18 tons and it incorporates the largest hinge ever built.